Thursday, August 19, 2010

Woods and Mickelson may gamblers A dream Masters final-round type.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were the two best golfers in the world for much of the last decade. Mickelson was a golfer, analysts thought the game with Woods on a week in and week basis compete had.

On Sunday the couple down is Lee Westwood, the current leader of the masters Chase werden.Obgleich Westwood which has 54 hole leadership, players of still Woods or Mickelson home take the green jacket search.

Mickelson has the best chance of two catching Westwood.Lefty a shot goes into the last round only down largely thanks to two eagles in its third round on Saturday.Mickelson, won the tournament while Westwood looks for its first big.

Woods played Nachmittag.Die himself almost from the conflict after a miserable front nine Saturday, his lap with a large back nine to save number one players in the world was, and is now four shots behind Westwood.

If Woods which many strokes it a historic achievement for Augusta.Der golf course is usually suitable for great comebacks but if someone can make a course, it is woods.

Many wondering whether Woods make würde.Er answered even the cut after several months of professional golf taking these critics at an early stage with a big day Donnerstag.Von Friday, Woods had concluded within two shots of the lead to four fall back due to the third round.

11 April 2010
Posted by Vincent Tapoglia III
Staff editor
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