Friday, August 27, 2010

Philadelphia Inquirer hopes to increase the revenue of online gambling

Print journalism is reduced from day to day in the USA, and newspaper publishers are in the branch to find additional sources of revenue. The Philadelphia Inquirer is to use online gambling as a source of additional income.

The Inquirer cooperates with FanDuel, a British online betting companies.Share Instant fantasy games in the gerufen.Das is the purpose of the site to generate revenue by fantasy sports such as baseball, basketball and ice hockey.

Someone goes online and pays $ 5 for the chance to win $ 90.Players can your fantasy team of choice for the day and after the games that players learn whether you won or lost the bet.

The U.S. Government trying Internet gambling back in late 2006 as legislators approved unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act law prohibits to ächten.Das but to stop not financial institutions of payments and fantasy sports sites.

Representative Barney Frank has proposed legislation, the plunge the UIGEA würde.Wenn approved, the UIGEA would be no longer valid, and frank and other legislators would then turn your attention to the regulation of the online gambling industry in the United States.

FanDuel is US customers ensure that you do anything illegal, if you sign up for the fantasy games offered on Instant fantasy games.

"" This instant fantasy games are thanks to the fantasy sports in the 2006 unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act to carve out legally in the United States, something that the FanDuel team has been very carefully comply with, have, said FanDuel editor and Publisher."FanDuel and its partners generate revenue from take a Commission for every game."

April 12, 2010
Posted by Tom Jones
Staff editor
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