Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Massachusetts gambling expansion debate to take place Tuesday

Governor Duval Patrick had a vision of the casino gaming industry in the Northeast, in taking the leading Massachusetts at the beginning. After failing in his first attempt last year, Patrick saw as others quickly expanded. Now, legislators in the State play catch up.

Tuesday's legislators are controversial Casino Resort Bill debate by House speaker Robert DeLeo few proposed legislation would legalize two casino resorts and give the right to a limited number of slots State circuits.

Governor Patrick will the advanced gambling but is against the slots for the circuits. Trying to help save the circuits of financial ruin DeLeo after the economic recession and a decline in interest rates a decline in revenue have caused.

Millions of dollars could be tax revenue at stake for Massachusetts.If approved, the two casino resorts would not only bring millions of dollars to the State, but also thousands of jobs, of the many unemployed people would be given of Massachusetts.

The Bill is some serious opposition konfrontiert.Im last year the legislature with an overwhelming majority against casino resort proposal by Patrick offered gestimmt.Dann House speaker Salvatore DiMasi led the charge against the Governor's proposal and DiMasi was now replaced by Pro gambling DeLeo.

When DeLeo legislation comes to pass, he must change minds of dozens of legislators gestimmt.Von proposed against the law by Patrick Patrick requires a two-thirds majority, to eliminate the possibility of a veto.

April 12, 2010
Posted by April Gardner
Staff editor CasinoGamblingWeb.com
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