Thursday, September 9, 2010

WagerWorks releases Lil' Lady

WagerWorks started its process of developing online casino games based on the most popular of land based gaming titles offered by IGT, which is possible thanks to a licensing deal that the two companies have made. Although some of the land based casinos show clear aversion towards the online casinos, the link between the two gambling markets is undeniable. IGT is one of the leaders in the field of land based slot games and thanks to the agreement with WagerWorks, it will be soon possible to play their great games online.

WagerWorks has already released few games derived from the IGT titles and their turned out to be very popular among the online casino gamblers. The company’s latest release, a slot game called Lil’ Lady is very likely to share the success of it’s predecessors. Although it is quite similar to the previous WagerWorks titles, it has some unique features which distinguish it from other slot games. Although some of the online gamblers have their favorite titles to which they stick and play over and over, most of the online casino visitors are very enthusiastic about new titles and eager to try their special bonuses.

The Lil’ Lady game offer its players five reels, 40 paylines and the full variety of special bonuses and extras one could expect from the WagerWorks title. Gamblers could be especially interested in bonuses such as free spins, 255 spins with re-triggers, stacked wild and many other entertaining additions that will surely give them many hours of fun.